Wednesday, June 21, 2006

british summer 

we are experiencing a real summer this year . . . beautiful, warm, sunny weather. it does change everyone's mood! and living minutes walk from kew garden--there is always a bit of lawn for a picnic or a good crawl around (cameron : )

cameron is sleeping in his own bed . . . all through the night! this is a big deal. he's also eating 'lots of chunky food and gnawed on his first apple and hunk of rye bread. he likes everything i give him including food with garlic, onions, and spices! what a kid, huh?! he's also balancing on his own . . . walking is on the horizon.

bobby and are busy . . . but not summertime busy . . . just busy working and keeping house and home . . . i seem to spend most of my time in the kitchen cooking meals then cleaning up from the meal then having to cook another meal! alas . . .

cameron is getting christened on 3rd september! it will be a small but lovely affair : ) the church is stunning . . . and lisa is the godmother : ) malcolm is the godfather . . . one american, one scottish dude . . .perfect!

Friday, April 28, 2006

sort of like madonna 

madonna is always reinventing herself . . . that's her thing, right? that's what they say anyway . . . well, i feel so madonna'esque having not been around for so long now returning as something completely different . . . a wife and mother . . . isn't that a kick. bobby (husband) wanted to start a blog for cameron (son), and i said, 'why don't you just use the one i've already got?' he amused himself for a little while the other night laughing reading reeeally old entries . . . jenny, you can pick yourself up off of the floor now . . . she'll be ever so surprised i've blogged! (that's because bobby has taken cameron out for a walk, so i can get some work done . . .)

Friday, January 28, 2005

there here there here there here!!! 

jenny and aaron arrived this morning--it's so exciting!!!

funny that i'm writing this, though, 'cause i think the only one who reads my blog is jenny . . . alas . . .

Thursday, December 30, 2004

I should be working but . . . 

i'm at the office . . . i should be working . . .but . . .

the holidays were lovely lovely. v. quiet, just me and bobby on christmas eve, christmas, and boxing day . . . we did go to midnight mass on christmas eve, which was fun as everyone seemed to being staying in london for the hols this year. i have to say i actually began to get quite tired on christmas morning because there were so many presents to open . . .most excellent! i think i got bobby brilliant gifts . . . and he surprised me i must say. 'lots of parties, so i am now tired of my festive wardrobe. looking forward to buying new spring outfits!

dinner party at jonathan gebbie's on new year's eve--will be great fun. odd that. 2005. do you remember the computers were supposed to either blow us up or shut us down all those years ago. odd that. very odd.

and, of course, must mention earthquake/tsunami tradgedy . . .not really sure what to say. it's terrifically surreal. we are so used to being ravished at the hands of angry men . . . there is something alarming that nature can devastate us exponentially. i keep waiting for the media to tell us that a person . . . a group are to blame. where do we direct our anger and sorrow now? interesting . . . we will have to dig deep to find something to greater guide us . . . hate and blame won't work this time.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

CNN says zero 

it's very strange . . . it's dark and the work day is virtually done, yet when i look on CNN.com all voter feedback is zero . . .it's too early in the states but it feels, here, that there should be a new president of the united states . . . well, or maybe an old one in a new term . . . or whatever . . . the point is--it's very dark here now.

halloween was a smashing success . . . we had a full on h'ween party at work--i found the most exotic witch's hat . . .purple and silver, and well, just simply glittery fabulous!! i baked finger cookies, floated bloody hands in the punch, and constructed a vomiting pumpkin . . . all recipes from the fabulous jenny cisney blog recipe file . . . most excellent--thank you jenny!!!

oddly . . . all is so normal in my life. i am in a job i love--twenty minutes walk from our sweet flat, in one of my favourite neighbourhoods (notice the 'u's in my spelling--groovy, huh?!) . . . we spend evenings meeting friends, going to the movies, or hanging out eating yummy dinners watching british drama on TV--excellent! weekends we go for walks, shop . . . cook, have friends over . . .drink 'lots fo wine . . . and i adore our saturday morning ritual of walking to a groovy cafe with the papers to drink cappuccino and eat croissants . . . a different cafe every saturday . . .but it all feels so precious . . .so special . . . like i'm in a dream . . . and there's bobby who is delicious and wonderful . . .how lucky i am!

bobby and i are going to start planning our christmas . . .'lots of friends are staying in london for the holiday, so it should be a party filled december . . . alas, twist my arm!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

it's a sign 

yesterday i saw the new bridget jones movie poster for the first time. . . annnnnd i saw the first ever preview for ' . . . edge of reason.' it was a lame preview and bridget is unreasonably portly . . .buuuut it is all very, very exciting. it opens here in november . . . and 'wimbledon' opens this friday. very good. very, very good.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

couch and potatoes 

the couch arrived this morning. it changes the room entirely . . . the acoustics, the space . . . very exciting. but then you see all of the other pieces you need . . . but i want to really, really shop for those things--markets and jumble sales (that's what they call them here: jumble sales.)

there is a building site across the street from my building . . . they are building shops and flats . . . i have a fantasy that there will be lovely neighbors with window boxes and below--a coffee shop, book shop, newsagent with excellent magazines, dry cleaner, wine merchant, and a green grocer with excellent seasonal veggies . . . the reality will be a pawn broker, betting shop, and fish & chip shop my luck . . . hmmmm . . .

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