Wednesday, June 21, 2006

british summer 

we are experiencing a real summer this year . . . beautiful, warm, sunny weather. it does change everyone's mood! and living minutes walk from kew garden--there is always a bit of lawn for a picnic or a good crawl around (cameron : )

cameron is sleeping in his own bed . . . all through the night! this is a big deal. he's also eating 'lots of chunky food and gnawed on his first apple and hunk of rye bread. he likes everything i give him including food with garlic, onions, and spices! what a kid, huh?! he's also balancing on his own . . . walking is on the horizon.

bobby and are busy . . . but not summertime busy . . . just busy working and keeping house and home . . . i seem to spend most of my time in the kitchen cooking meals then cleaning up from the meal then having to cook another meal! alas . . .

cameron is getting christened on 3rd september! it will be a small but lovely affair : ) the church is stunning . . . and lisa is the godmother : ) malcolm is the godfather . . . one american, one scottish dude . . .perfect!

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