Tuesday, November 02, 2004

CNN says zero 

it's very strange . . . it's dark and the work day is virtually done, yet when i look on CNN.com all voter feedback is zero . . .it's too early in the states but it feels, here, that there should be a new president of the united states . . . well, or maybe an old one in a new term . . . or whatever . . . the point is--it's very dark here now.

halloween was a smashing success . . . we had a full on h'ween party at work--i found the most exotic witch's hat . . .purple and silver, and well, just simply glittery fabulous!! i baked finger cookies, floated bloody hands in the punch, and constructed a vomiting pumpkin . . . all recipes from the fabulous jenny cisney blog recipe file . . . most excellent--thank you jenny!!!

oddly . . . all is so normal in my life. i am in a job i love--twenty minutes walk from our sweet flat, in one of my favourite neighbourhoods (notice the 'u's in my spelling--groovy, huh?!) . . . we spend evenings meeting friends, going to the movies, or hanging out eating yummy dinners watching british drama on TV--excellent! weekends we go for walks, shop . . . cook, have friends over . . .drink 'lots fo wine . . . and i adore our saturday morning ritual of walking to a groovy cafe with the papers to drink cappuccino and eat croissants . . . a different cafe every saturday . . .but it all feels so precious . . .so special . . . like i'm in a dream . . . and there's bobby who is delicious and wonderful . . .how lucky i am!

bobby and i are going to start planning our christmas . . .'lots of friends are staying in london for the holiday, so it should be a party filled december . . . alas, twist my arm!

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