Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Olympic Garden Party 

i am not sure what is broadcast in the states this fine olympic fortnight . . . but in britain--this nation of stoic folk who embrace tradition--it is a garden party. we see archery, badminton, and horse riding, oh, and a bit of field hockey too . . . a tad of sailing--because, you know, the brits do like a bit of a regatta--and perhaps there will be some fencing . . . indeed. i am not making fun of the british . . . i adore them. i embrace them. i want them to make me one of their own. therefore, i cast away track and field, i ignore gymnastics, i do away with basketball and tennis and weight lifting (is there weight lifting?) and, and . . .well . . .i don't need any of it . . . and i think it's a fine thing. just fine . . . indeed. and, by the way, we do get a bit of swimming over here--everyone knows who michael phelps is . . . and the british would love to see the aussie's do away with him like a biscuit melted in a strong cup of tea . . . but, i have to say . . . i was secretly cheering when the americans were swimming there hearts out against those gals from down under . . . alas . . . we got the silver . . . i think.

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