Wednesday, May 05, 2004

garage sale  

fuck. can you believe this . . . i was supposed to be all up-to-date and on top of the 'ole blog. well . . . not too bad a lapse this time.

and all is well . . . i have applied to a creative writing ma program at the university of london, i have sold most of my things in preparation for my move abroad, and i have managed to write fifty billion lists of things to do that i can't seem to get to because i've been working full time at AGENCY.COM on a contract with their QA department--very interesting work, i have to say . . . but i'm DYING to have a garage sale, and i need time to organize that.

i have never had a garage sale . . . so this should be interesting . . . hmmmm . . . i may just put all of my shit out there and lock the front door. let the neighborhood take what they want, huh? that's sounding better and better all of the time.

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