Thursday, December 30, 2004

I should be working but . . . 

i'm at the office . . . i should be working . . .but . . .

the holidays were lovely lovely. v. quiet, just me and bobby on christmas eve, christmas, and boxing day . . . we did go to midnight mass on christmas eve, which was fun as everyone seemed to being staying in london for the hols this year. i have to say i actually began to get quite tired on christmas morning because there were so many presents to open . . .most excellent! i think i got bobby brilliant gifts . . . and he surprised me i must say. 'lots of parties, so i am now tired of my festive wardrobe. looking forward to buying new spring outfits!

dinner party at jonathan gebbie's on new year's eve--will be great fun. odd that. 2005. do you remember the computers were supposed to either blow us up or shut us down all those years ago. odd that. very odd.

and, of course, must mention earthquake/tsunami tradgedy . . .not really sure what to say. it's terrifically surreal. we are so used to being ravished at the hands of angry men . . . there is something alarming that nature can devastate us exponentially. i keep waiting for the media to tell us that a person . . . a group are to blame. where do we direct our anger and sorrow now? interesting . . . we will have to dig deep to find something to greater guide us . . . hate and blame won't work this time.

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