Friday, August 01, 2003

I am a writer. i AM a writer. i am a WRITER.  

well, how exciting is this . . . SEED is a changing . . . business is tough, so we are all going away, except for the owners--whom I love. now, this is sad too . . . but i have to say . . . i'm at a time in my life where i need to explore this vision i have of my life . . . i've actually seen my life in this way since i was about nine years old, but for some reason all of the interests (i.e., pressures) to be a "successful businesswoman" (what is that? really, what the hell is that?) were bearing down, and i didn't do this thing that i think is really the only thing i embrace with any level of confidence (oh, and please, god, do not measure my skill vis-à-vis this blog content.) so . . . i'm going to finish the novel, start another one, freelance, consult . . .but write, write, write until i can't write anymore. i am going digress whilst evolving--beautiful thing. i'm selling my car, i'm moving my money around, i'm going to live simply on a budget (a what? what the hell is that?) i'm going to refrain from buying kate spade bags (i have enough, yes? YES!) i'm going to run in the park every day--it smells so good in the morning--i'm going to paint and spend time with friends, i'm going home for christmas sans client phone list! i'm going to live a little, baby--how about that! i'm going to live large by living simply . . . my skin is a tingle, the hair on the back of my neck is raised . . . i’m going to walk to the boulangerie for cappuccino and croissants on weekday . . . i’m going to get a library card and reduce my cell ‘phone plan . . . our last day here is friday, august 22nd . . . then i am going to santa barbara to hang on the beach for few days . . . then it starts . . . all that living i haven’t done yet . . .

jenny, go lean crunch is my favorite—in fact, I just finished a bowl of it with blueberries . . . ahhhhh

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