Thursday, October 03, 2002

it is a beautiful autumn day in berkeley, california.
i am happy to be back at work - as most of us must work - although, my cape vacation was like nothing i've ever experienced. i feel now that i shall quest to live in harwich . . . perhaps sooner than later.
i met anne d. leclaire - author of several books - one now being made in to a film (sideshow.) it was interesting and delightful to meet her. this part of the world is home to many great authors and fascinating folk . . . norman mailer lives in p'town . . . (michael cunningham's book, land's end, is a spirited day-long read even if you never plan on visiting the outer most tip of the cape.)

i am feeling organized and up-to-date . . . prior to my holiday, i had absolutely no idea what was in store for, say, movies. . . bar harry potter, of course. i knew i had read more this year than in the recent past, but couldn't remember everything i'd read. i wanted to feel ahead as we approach the busy autumn - halloween in to thanksgiving in to christmas . . . i am now ironed, starched and listed, but not feeling particularly married to any of it - just in case none of the planning comes to fruition. we exercised an unbelievable amount on our vacation . . . i bought a new tennis racquet, got a buzz for the mountain bike and swam in cold water every day it didn't rain.

however . . . i believe it was bridget jones who said, 'when one part of your life has worked itself out - another needs attention . . .' or something like that . . . so, one vacation to a place where i shall, one day, complete a thought-changing piece of fiction - does not cure all that ails . . . but it does de-fragement and offer the mirage that there are options . . .

when in harwich the space outside melted like a popsicle . . . my image of my home in san francisco was that of a reflection in a puddle . . . alas . . . it stood erectly when we returned . . . but now i know that it's possible to meditate in an alert state for as long as two weeks!

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