Wednesday, June 12, 2002

i am the only one in the office today - everyone else out on a shoot. this is groovy in some ways as i'm able to get a lot done - but then - you, know . . . there's no one to talk to . . .so . . .

work is excellent. i love this job! i love my client! i love what we do here and how we support them - this client is so trusting and so supportive - it's validating and fulfilling. mmmmmm . . .goooood job feels gooood!!

we are working like crazy in our backyard : ) it is such a wonderfully summery thing to do. sophie and sean are attacking the garage too - and my laundry room is beginning to take shape. these things are very delicious to me! last night sophie and i went to the garden center and had a great time choosing all of the plants that will ensconce us on the patio . . .sean is working in the yard this afternoon! so - i took a lunch hour today and made most excellent laundry room & patio purchases at restoration hardware and some berkeley'esque place called "Z" something-or-other . . .la la la . . .i'm in to filling the house with earthy orange, lemon and lime coloured and flavoured accents. . .i found a soap dish with an odd, little monkey standing perfectly erect holding, well, the actual soap dish, some eclectic looking votive holders with dangly beady things . . .i was inspired by my friend, heather's, apartment . . .and huge torchy things for the garden. we’re having a BBQ Saturday night, which I’m really looking forward to – decorate, decorate, decorate!

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