Friday, May 24, 2002

a v. v. quiet friday here in berkeley at seed. nice opportunity to get things done. everyone has left bar tasha, and me so i thought i'd take a moment to, you know, blog. three-day w'end of tennis events (sophie is in a tournament), horseback riding (it's been too long and that makes me sad), and, hopefully, sitting in the sun talking on the telephone. tonight a large group of us are going to ploof - the most deliciously fabulous french restaurant downtown with bitty, aqua drinks called, of course, ploof - like a cloud of smoke made by a fairy as they depart some great fairy place. i want to write letters, email and fall asleep reading – i want to sit in the bath with magazines drinking cappuccino listening to NPR rattle on about islam and crime in america today . . .there should be shopping, i think, too – to ensure a well-rounded holiday. we have tickets for baryshnikov’s white oak project next Saturday night – then I have to be in LA for a few days . . .i’ll actually be there all of august – I hope I can break away from work to buy shoes . . .hmmm – i should add that to the production schedule to be sure.

I must finish my novel. Having to go to work every day will be my undoing.

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