Monday, May 06, 2002

i am positively exhausted! but it's a good kind of tired . . .you've heard of this, right? the week in orlando for work was great: hot, humid, long days, learned TONS! went to universal studio movie theme park for a party - NO LINES! did the dueling dragons three times, the hulk once and the spiderman (3D) groovin' "ride" twice. running around, ice cream and cookies being served at every turn, a spin in the "cat in the hat" adventure, some underwater, poisiden 3D animated experience, supreme log flume - soaked!! and more . . .live music all over the park, dancing, laughing like i haven't laughed in ages . . .now if i could balance this with a similar experience at saks fifth - i'd be a very happy gal!

venturing home on wednesday to see my folks - a surprise for my dad - i can't wait. It’ll be a lot of sitting around relaxing, beaching and hanging out with shannon. mmmm . . .

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