Saturday, April 20, 2002

oh, sadness . . .my john mayer cd just ended . . . boo . . .okay, i've gotta' go . . .

and replay it!

joel, joel, joel . . .i just caught up on your blog . . .you are not beat down . . .you're right - you're priorities are set! hooray for you - and hooray for you for putting that in writing ‘cause then it’s real, right (if it’s on the web it must be true!!)

all i've written about is my job . . .job . . .job . . .everything else seems to fall off the top of that pinnacle, which has a very small, pointy top - room enough for only one thing – and there sits the j.o.b . . .ouch, it just poked me – the pinnacle that is . . .i shall spend my quiet w'end reflecting on this : ) thank you!!

ps the balm theory. . .a girl thing? that's crap . . .you know you love a creamy foot massage! but i'm happy that nivea makes a product you can live with - heh heh : )

look at me blogging up on a saturday morning. i’m alone this w'end - sophie called me from chicago on a plane to nyc (i'm envious that she gets to go to nyc - i haven't been in aaaages.) so, i'm sitting here drinking soy milk cappuccino in the cup that jenny gave me for my birthday (most excellent, truly : ) listening to my latest favorite, john mayer’s “room for squares.” okay – i listen to the title track over and over again – it ‘s soooo uplifting. i’m telling you – you’ve got to download this tune, “no such thing.” it’s completely motivational . . .i’m tempted to write the guy and tell him he’s done a really nice job of lifting my several month long sour mood . . . well, and my NEW JOB!! can we chant together, “kristen’s new job is . . .is . . .is . . .” words don’t describe this feeling – okay, well . . .lifted . . . i was having a meeting with my bosses last night, and when we were finished - i floated out of the room seeing blue sky, silver sparkly bits and puffy clouds. . .mmmmmm . . .i haven’t been this happy in a job since i was at kodak . . .i remember saying to my first boss there, “i just love everyday that i’m here.” yeah, yeah – “so why did you leave, kristen?” we’ll talk about that at another time. So . . .i’m going to call people all day today ‘cause i’m feeling so happy . . .oh, jenny called me last week – totally surprised me – and she let me talk for an hour non-stop about my new job that i hadn’t even started yet. it was so fun to talk on the ‘phone with jenny. Thank you for calling, jenny!! oh, and speaking of jenny . . .i’m on a mac at work now . . .mmmmmmac : ) and a pc at home, so i can say i’m all versatile, right? yeah . . .that’s right . . .

by the way, i move to california, get over the fact that there are earthquakes to the point i’m actually anticipating my first one with excitement . . . and i hear on the radio this a.m. that there was a 5.something in upstate ny . . .why? can someone report on this please – jenny? joel? patrik? An urgent report if you would . . .thank you.

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