Friday, April 05, 2002

today is my last, official day at my current job, which I am incredibly excited about! i had to work with a particular fellow who has caused me unjustifiable stress . . .the idea that i no longer have to work with him is so relieving i could just run up and down the beach without clothes on i’m so happy! it was so strange – i actually placed my trust in this guy – and he just manipulated . . .words, truths, ideas . . .and now he states that he is going to change everything we’ve worked to put in place . . .it seems very selfish to me – he doesn’t seem to be making changes with the input of the most important folks – the client . . .i mean, that’s what we do – we work for our client . . .i’ve decided, though, that karma exists – and so i shall let this go and continue to concern myself with my actions: always asking myself the tough questions – is this ethical? is this the right thing to do for all parties involved? do I feel comfortable doing “this” – whatever “this” happens to be? I have to say – i’ve worked with some tough people – even folks that weren’t too bright – but never have i worked with someone who functions - on a daily basis - on the cusp of what is right. ahhhh . . .it feels soooo dandy to be able to say it out loud: I’M FREE!! i will however miss my team very much – they are some of the grooviest peers i’ve ever had . . . someday i’m going to have a team that consists of my pals at my company plus jenny, joel and danica . . .and my friend shannon too, even though we’ve never worked together – she has a lot of integrity . . .

My new company is positively delicious : ) mmmmm!! thank you wee, job angels – i am truly, truly blessed.

Thursday, April 04, 2002

Which Rock Chick Are You?
the really sad thing about this - i have no idea who this is . . .she seems hip, though - yeah?

so - i start my new job on monday, 15th april, which i am INCREDIBLY excited about . . .the place i am working now is so completely miserable . . . it's too bad, really - some of the folks are most excellent and groovy, but we had to go through one of those nasty merging things that left us bullied and alone . . .it's pretty sad . . .but - for all of those folks saying, 'there's nothing out there -' i just got my dream job . . .can i say that?!

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