Monday, November 19, 2001

things are falling in to place . . .nice . . .i am currently living in two places, though, which is always, you know, unsettling . . .but, to be honest, nothing is as gruesome as the cow hollow motor lodge on lombard street - where i had to live on and off for months because i was often kicked out of the corporate apartment . . .alas . . .and for what? so our VIPs could holiday in san francisco with their families . . .well, the corporate apartment is long gone - and so are our VIPs come to think of it . . .so it is nothing but a distant . . .and, of course, fond . . .memory . . .so i don't know what i'm complaining about . . .

thanksgiving is this thursday . . .i have an outfit (almost) all picked out . . .and i purchased my bread and butter gift. i was hoping to have time to make this pie, cake, pie thing in martha's november issue, but so far no time . . .maybe wednesday night.

i just left a message for merry maids . . . i am having them BLITZ sean and sophie's house. this will probably cost me fifty billion dollars (oh, along with the moving men that i, now, plan on hiring [to pack my stuff too] 'cause i just don't have time to do it!) but i don't care - it's my gift to the house . . .nice, huh?! i'm completely taking over the house by the way . . .sophie and sean can own the garage - but i am taking charge of the kitchen and bathroom . . .mmmmm . . .domestic responsibility : )

okay . . .so i'm sick of myself with regard to reading . . .i have so many books started i can't even count . . .so, saturday i woke up @ 7 a.m. picked up 'girls guide to hunting and fishing' and started it from page one . . .finished it by lunchtime . . .picked up 'cause' celeb . . .started from page one . . . and will not put down until finished . . .well . . .you know, work and stuff and stuff . . .then red tent . . .i've decided not to commit beyond that.

saw 'life as a house' on friday night . . .i now want to see monsters, inc. and harry potter as a double feature . . .i'm thinking wednesday night after acupuncture . . .wait, i'm going to make that pie, cake, pie thing . . .damn.

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