Friday, August 31, 2001

i got an email today from jenny, and she said she was glad to see my recent blog : ) jenny is very groovy.

all is going well'ish with my parents . . .so far . . .we'll see . . .they're always tired, really . . .and very fussy about food . . .so - who knows - maybe i won't spend much time with them after all. the big one is tomorrow night . . .how am i going to navigate that? i'll have to deal with it tomorrow.

i would love to have an entire w'end to myself. alone. completely.

a three day w'end . . .hmmmm . . .well, i don't know how good the w'end will be, but at least next week will be a four day week . . . right?

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

my parents are coming tomorrow to visit, and i'm completely overwhelmed. there has been such a situation around this that i think i'd like to just spend the entire w'end in bed avoiding everyone. although, we do have reservations for dinner @ zuni, which i always like. i think i'm going to have to all out imbibe.

the wedding in santa barbara was fabulous. i loved my outfit. can i say that? 'lots of fun, sun, good food, wine and champagne, conversation and festivities. i didn't feel that uncomfortable . . .really . . .

there is not a single sign of autumn here . . .alas . . .there is no rain either . . .i suppose this is nice, although - i would love a cold, rainy day. i, literally, have twenty-odd books sitting on my bedroom floor, which i must start reading . . .not to mention three telephone-book sized magazines that i have yet to wade through . . .i need a "bed vacation." i am also feeling extremely drawn to soap operas at the moment . . .this, i fear, is not a sign of any kind of depression recovery . . .rather a commitment to be . . .bummed out.

happy though . . . truly . . .i would like to spend more time outside, though . . .as it’s always sunny . . .always . . .ugh!

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