Friday, June 22, 2001

it's friday.
i love fridays.

not for the ordinary reasons . . .
but because i feel like i get to do a different kind of living come friday.

i get to eat food i wouldn't normally eat.
drink like it couldn't get me drunk.
chat on the 'phone with friends in different time zones.


dig my toes in the sand - then dust it throughout my car: a tattoo to everyone that i live in this place.
wet towels on the back seat wrapped around used bathing suits.
changing into dry underwear and t-shirt in the car. . .without a bra.
flip flop sandals.
sun burnt nose - patch of white where my sunglasses sit for hours.

i am not traveling anywhere for the entire summer unless work requires it.
i'm exhausted. emotionally drained. i am going to tend myself spiritually; this includes not doing anything that could potentially cause stress.
fiona is visiting the beginning of august.
sally is visiting the end of august.
kevin will be here tomorrow night.
mom and dad are scheduled to visit for the month of august.
hopefully, i will not have to cook and clean for any of these people . . .
but simply enjoy champagne, smoked salmon and simple conversation about the weather.

i went surfing in LA last weekend. for the first time.
it's like living in the frame of a film for a moment . . .

it's very sunny tonight . . .and the leaves are swing dancing . . .
i can't wait to charge out of the door . . .child on the last day of school.

sophie is busy.
i am busy.

it's friday.

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