Friday, June 01, 2001

i'm sitting next to webber in his apartment - it's most . . .interesting . . .and familiar - oddly enough . . . i'm experiencing a moment of nostalgia that is transcending into current moments of joy . . . how is it possible - i sometimes ask myself - that one can completely be removed from the forward motion of someone else’s life and catch back up with them at the right point to feel that no time has been lost . . . i do not want to deconstruct this too much . . . i suppose i am, now, old enough to simply - embrace it.

and that's that . . .

patrik is angry
sophie is far away
my sister is in paris
my new home is in san francisco
and yet i am completely settled in this moment.

(by the way . . . i am making this entry on webber's most excellent mac powered by OS10 . . .very - uh . . .very . . .swooshy . . .)

im sitting right next to jenny here in her office - it's most exciting!

this week has been exhausting - but good . . .really good . . .we're really weathering a storm here, though, it seems . . .but - that makes for good stories when we're older.

the most fabulous news is that i have a home - officially . . .the moving folks delivered my furniture today . . .evidently there isn't much room to move around, but it's all neat and tidy . . . no closets . . .hmmmm . . .did i make the biggest mistake of my life? no storage space . . .hmmmm . . .will it feel like i live in a garage?

last night a group of us went out to the dryden theatre @ the eastman house to see "wrestling women vs. the aztec mummy." i slept . . .i really did . . . i think i even drooled! bah! then we went to the 'spot' for grotesquely huge cakey things and delicious coffee . . .and great conversation.

very much looking forward to this w'end . . .spending all day with aaron and jenny tomorrow . . .mmmmm shopping and movies - hooray!

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