Thursday, May 10, 2001

well . . .i've gotta' tell you . . .i really did compose the most fabulous excerpt earlier today when i shoulda' been workin' and it disappeared . . . the whole thing - poetry it was . . .just . . . gone. so . . .i don't know . . .blogspot.com wants some kind of recognition, and i'm just not sure . . .well, i'll vote 'yea' if they send me my earlier blog back . . . and, sadly, friends - i cannot recall what was so beautifully genius . . .alas . . .

today was a great work day . . .

today was a v. bad eating day (i just ate two bowls of cereal for dinner [oh so good!] and some brownie thing after my very healthy lunch. i hate when clients are here 'cause the producer always orders the most divine food . . .i'm being true when i say this - it is quite divine. note: weight gain since december: 13 lbs. - all sourdough bread, wine/champagne, potatoes and smoked salmon. this must stop. much more content when eating raw tofu and corn from the can . . .and running . . .no time to run - too busy eating! ahhhhh . . . but - there are planned activities: tennis (new outfit opportunity!! hooray!!) and horseback riding (MAJOR outfit purchase experience - OH SO EXCITED!!) i have not engaged in either of these activities since i was much, much younger . . . but this is going to be quite brilliant - however, i am not going to start the horse thing 'til autumn 'cause i, oh so, do not want to be hot (and sweaty) and dirty all summer just to get my bum in the best shape it's been in since girlhood . . . hmmmm . . .thinking of it like that . . .

so - i have a couple of friends who think i have a screwed up body image and they share that it's not reeeallly about my body at all (okay, can i at least say in my defense that when i went to the doctor two weeks ago [yeah, that's the guy who confirmed the trillion pound weight gain] that he said i didn't need to lose weight . . . i love that . . .i felt like saying - okay - you're seein' me naked here, guy - the $500 jacket i bought in austria two seasons ago ain't hidin' a damn thing. by the way - note to mom: it doesn't matter if there are holes in my underwear when i go to the doctor . . .he doesn't see them. however, if you feel the need to guide . . . a 'shave your under arm' cue would be a good one (how could i have made a doctor's appt. the day BEFORE the fated underarm wax at elizabeth arden?!!)

okay . . .that's it . . .i gotta' say - it's good to be back . . .hey - got the bestest ever email from jenny today - she got her birthday week goodie box . . .AND said she's pleased i'm blogging again : ) la la la . . .happy days!!

by the way . . .i am embracing bbcamercia - the best cable channel that i've ever seen!! if i were jenny, i'd have a link to their site, clips of the best shows and illustrations of british comedians . . .but i'm a dingbat and can barely manage a written entry . . .so - for a visceral experience visit jenny's blog!

goodnight . . .

Wednesday, May 09, 2001

I’m trying to drink more water.
I’m trying to eat fewer potatoes.
I’m trying to quit smoking cigarettes.
I’m trying to exercise more.
I’m trying to find an apartment.

I've made some discoveries lately:
Discovery: Chocolate is good for me.
Discovery: The BeeGees album is good - really good.
Discovery: If one is naked in a place other than their bathroom and/or bedroom enough times, one begins to feel less naked. (One can sunbathe naked on Baker Beach in SF - interesting. And, by the way, the "you've seen one, you've seen them all" philosophy . . .not true.)
Discovery: Work is not the most important thing . . .

There are a myriad of things going on @ work now . . .nothing I can talk about here . . .but 'things' . . .I am happy here - in my little office in SF . . .I love the work - I love my client . . .I like the people . . .it's interesting, though . . .I am, actually, very busy today . . .it's a good thing.

Last night - I went to my very first professional baseball game. The 'event' was great fun - lost tickets, had to buy new ones from scalper, ate cracker jacks (good prize), drank beer, ate French-fries (fell off of the 'trying to eat less potatoes wagon' - alas.) I look forward to the next professional sporting event . . .but I think I’m going to become a baseball fan - it's so relaxed - the game is so completely slow and boring - it's sort of like playing bridge . . .

Monday, May 07, 2001

I just KNEW this was going to happen . . .I'd be very diligent about this for a while - and then . . . without realizing it - I would permit almost two months to slip by with nothing . . .not a single word . . .so - the catch up is thus: I've officially moved to San Francisco - this is a groovin' thing despite what's going on in our industry/business . . . a transfer to this office has made me, professionally, most happy . . .and - actually - personally too . . . i loathe the heat . . .so a cool San Francisco summer suits me just fine.

I found my way here via Puerto Vallarta, Mexico after a cross-country trek with Sophie . . .we had great fun, took fabulous pictures and created a most groovy road trip journal . . . Sophie was not in to this at first - but after reflecting upon it after we arrived . . .she was most grateful! : )

Patrik keeps me abreast of his love life, which I find most interesting and fun . . .I do - I really do . . . it's all very neat and tidy . . .lined up and organized . . . just the way I like things. Kevin broke-up with TracyClark . . . he’s thinking of living in SF for the summer. All interesting . . .

Now - I've been most adult these last few days . . .I've made very real decisions . . . I am not going to London in June for Fiona's first mass . . . I cannot do it for a myriad of reasons - this is a big deal for me to say 'no, can't go.' I have also decided to bail on the Cape plans for this w'end . . .I was going to go for the w'end to see great friends who will be there from England: James and Jenny. They're getting married next February . . .so I'll see them then . . .right? Yes, this is a good thing. Now, I'm not one to deny myself anything - unless I'm trying to lose weight and I get hooked on the discipline hunger buzz - but I'm actually, for the first time in my life, saving for something big . . .valuable . . .important . . .moving . . .I'm debating weather to share here just yet . . .hmmm . . .I'll wait - I don't want to jinx it.

So . . .HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK JENNY . . .Yes, the 'ole Birthday Week - what a fine thing indeed. I had the best time searching, finding, wrapping and mailing Jenny's giftees - wish I were there to hand them to her myself . . .gone are the days of little parcels on the desk when we get to work . . . Odd - I left Kodak a year ago - seems like longer but seems like just a few months all at the same time . . .

I’m staring out of a window . . .there is one right across from my desk on the other side of the ‘great room’ I overlook . . .there is a tree swaying in the balmy afternoon breeze – which will transform in to a chilly evening in a few hours – the tree’s green is fascinating . . .so lush – like a post card of a New Zealand lawn . . .I am seeing why people move here . . .

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