Wednesday, March 14, 2001

i just read jenny's blog . . .she finds such delightful things to share . . .i actually thought jenny made the frightful frog cupcakes (you should have seen her bunny cake!) but, alas . . .these were purchased by her beloved, aaron. he always know what to get her . . .(i will not go in to the flattened penny tale . . .check out her blog and enjoy.)

i am restless today . . .i cannot put my finger on it . . .patrik coloured his hair jet black . . .it makes me sad that i wasn't there to help him transform into elvis . . .or, wait, clint black i think he said . . .alas . . .

sophie is shutting down and sally is ready to go . . .i'm leaving now . . .i spend way too much time here, i think . . .well, this is my latest assessment.

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