Friday, February 23, 2001

okay . . .i don't think one's mother should send email that has the same tone as a friend. you know that 'friendy email tone?!' well, i just got an email from my mom that said, 'sorry not to call. been one hell of a week.' hmmmm . . . i don't suppose she's knitting or baking cookies. no. not my mom. well . . .there you go. (have you noticed i say that A LOT?! "well, there you go . . ." don't know why . . .

well, there you go . . .

fridays are always very quiet here.
not many people not saying much.
hmmm . . . i guess that's why it's quiet.

oh, oh, oh . . .i'm on the telephone with jenny right now . . .this is very exciting!!

someone from 'the team' just came in my office and shared how much i was missed last night . . . and that i was really good @ my job . . .it's definitely friday . . . you know, that friday feeling. i, again, have a food hang over, but i ate cereal this a.m. anyway . . . i'm going to a play tonight with a new friend - i'm looking forward to this for many reasons.

Thursday, February 22, 2001

it's 10 p.m. and i've eaten dried up veggie sushi left over from lunch, baked tofu and a bowl of branflakes with soy milk for dinner. i'm at the office. i'm working. well . . .i'm blogging, writing - whatever . . .i'm not working. anymore. i have been here, at my desk, virtually, since 8:10 a.m., and i do not believe that i was productive today . . .and, i missed the dinner do . . . and . . .it would appear, no one missed me missing it . . .

i had a fleeting friend here in san francisco . . . i still work with them. i still work quite professionally and happily with them . . . smiles and all that . . . even some discussions about art - ish . . . but i miss them. i realize . . .that i really, really miss them. something happened . . . well - all sorts of things happened . . .but, for the first time in my life, i see what it is to ruin something that you can't touch . . .like crashing a car - ruined - look at the damage . . . a painting . . .ruined - too much, say, magenta . . . but a relationship that wasn't really a relationship yet - it wasn't anything, but it was something . . .ruined - gone . . . like an abortion. as brutal as that . . .

sally is coming back. she'll be here on sunday night - and we now have a furnished apartment of our own to move into commencing the 26th of february . . .this is good. very good.

man . . .i have a food hang over again . . . i'm used to this . . .but it still always throws me . . . i'm supposed to go out tonight with the most excellent team that has been working (slaving) on a project i'm ultimately responsible for - well, i don't know what i'm responsible for, really, but anyway . . . they've been knocking themselves out for a couple of months, so i'm taking them to dinner - but for a myriad of reasons . . .i fear i'm not going to make this event . . .i'm stressed today. do you know that feeling when you have so much to do, you don't even know where to start? well . . .i don't have that feeling - i know damn straight where to start . . .but i'm blogging . . .okay, i'm not some kid here . . .i get the ramifications of not getting stuff done . . .and it ain't pretty (why do we put an apostrophe in ain't like it's a real word?) anyway . . . big day for girls here . . .big, big day . . .

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

okay . . .yes . . .i'm supposed to be working, but i just read jenny's blog, and i am so pleased she's pleased that i've started blogging. . .when i was having dinner last night i laughed and said to my friend, "i've started a blog, do you know what that is." he laughed back and said, "i know what that is . .. " [smile] "do you want the world the know what you're doing?" (or some such comment as this.) and i said, "no, i just want jenny to know what i'm doing." you see . . . jenny and i became very, very close, and i miss her a tremendous amount . . .my schedule is not accommodating, and i feel like i constantly disappoint . . .so, this blogs for you, baby!! : )

by the way . . .i've purchased a fabulous pair of black prada heels, funky skin'esque (fake!) looking burgundy chunky heels from DKNY, these oh, so i'm livin' in CA now, kiddo, squooshy slip on outdoorsy shoes in red!! (all the gals seem to embrace tan and red shoes out here) and this fabulous pair of patent leather slip on mule'esque things from charles david . . .that broke the very first day i wore them and now i have to see if they will exchange them! damn!

well . . .i went out to dinner last night, and i think i have a food hangover . . . chinese food . . .at this place that makes gorgeous food, but the atmosphere is funny - like ha ha funny, not weird - . . . real diner style - almost. it's famous . . .it's in The Book! I am driven, so you know, by what's in the book! Infact . . . I'm going to start another little section here to the left on the subject . . .okay . . .i have GOT to get some work done!

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

okay . . . this is weird . . .my cousin christopher is on the 'phone with me now . . . what's weird about this is the last time we spoke we were four years old and our grandmother was yelling at us 'cause we were doing somersaults dangerously close to her tomato garden . . . weird, weird, weird, weird, weird . . .WEIRD! this place invokes all sorts of zen'esque'ness . . .or something . . .

So . . .I've just spent all this time - kind of - updating the groovin' things in the column there - which I completely lifted from LJC's blog . . .but there you go . . . to copy stuff is the greatest form of flattery, right? Or laziness . . . I can never remember which?!

I miss Sally . . . my colleague who came out here with me . . . It was weird - in one felled swoop - last Monday - I had to get a different rental car, move hotels, Sally left, shifted office space and got yelled at on a personal level by a colleague here in SF that I thought was my friend . . .that was a big day, I'll tell you . . .but I didn't let it affect me . . . 'til Thursday . . .so, I went out with Kevin and TracyClark for dinner last Thursday, and we got drunk and had a great time . . . I called the colleague who yelled @ me and yelled back. That was dumb . . .ouch!

Maybe I'm feeling melancholy . . .I'm going to work on this little column thing a bit more and hold off on further comment 'til tomorrow . . .So, anon . . .

I am going to do my very best to keep this blog current and up-to-date.
Jenny has inspired me . . . I really enjoy keeping in touch through her
blog . . . but, I'm not going to have pictures and/or illustrations just yet - well, maybe never . . . like Jenny, but there you go . . . I'll have to embrace you with my words . . . yeah . . .

Okay . . .so . . .I'm in San Francisco . . . working . . . and I haven't been home to Boston since the 1st of January . . .I was channel surfing on the TV in my ridiculous hotel room, which is closing in on me - by the way - and "Good Will Hunting" was on ABC . . . so, all of sudden, Boston feels terrifically far away . . . but then I thought, "wait a minute, Kristen . . .why are you so emotional - you never hang out in Southie and you're never on the T and that could be any hamburger joint anywhere . . ." Well, true . . . but when Minnie and Matt are hanging out by the chess boards right outside of Au Bon Pan - well, that's when it hit me . . ."You don't live there anymore, Kristen." You just pay some bills, a fat rent in a place you haven't been to in months with some recollection of favourite clothes somewhere in a closet . . . I MUST go home and get the rest of my clothes . . .and I MUST visit my stylist, Rusty . . . the best thing since fat free ice cream!

Today has been a good day . . . productive and eventful . . . some emotional stuff . . . but all good . . .I did have to take a dose of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy which I'd been resisting forever, but there you go . . . Nice chat with Patrik . . . well, we talk every day, I guess . . .so that's that . . . My first blog . . .hmmmmm . . .interesting.

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